Fly Fishing Reports: Dam and River Fishing

Stonecutters Lodge is proud of excellent fly-fishing facilities and for the enjoyment of our fishermen ensure excellent stocking of our dams and river. To supplement the wild trout that are breeding in the river, the river is also well-stocked. Catch and release of uninjured fish is permitted.

Fishing reports are often requested and we will be posting reports on a regular basis from guests who have fished our waters. Check out our Blogs on fishing too

Fishing Report: Werner 27th June 2015 Caught 4 x 4 pounders in overcast and windy conditions. Plenty of fish in dams and river. Good Fishing

Fishing Report: Mark Savy  28th June 2015 Caught 10 over 3 days from 500g to 1.6 kg on floating line in overcast conditions. Great Fishing in River & Dams

Fishing Report: M Compton, M,de Bruyn  30/5/2015 Fished river and dam on sunny clear weekend. Caught between .4 and 1 kg using floating and sinking line using black & orange brassheads. Great Fishing- awesome place!

Fishing Report Michael Wade from America 25th May 2015 


I want to thank you again for the outstanding hospitality over the weekend, I truly had a great time and the food was outstanding!

I have attached a few pictures of one of the fish I caught in the river during my stay at Stonecutters. I can truly say that I have crossed “one” of my bucket list items off my list. “Fly fishing in South Africa”

Again, I had an outstanding weekend and I appreciate your and your staffs attention to detail in every way.

Thanks again,

Fishing Report: 1st May 2015: clear, crisp & sunny. Rainbow Trout x 7 300gm. Awesome wild trout fishing in the river. Thank you!

Fishing Report 25/26 April 2015: Adrian Roux: Rainbow Trout x 8. Weather Cloudy 22-23 degrees. Was very great experience. Facilities & Service outstanding

Fishing Report: Gary and Greg Chapman: 6th April, 2015 Total of 16 fish (12 in the river) between 400 g- 600g. used sinking line Excellent fishing

Fishing Report: Fishing Report: Dylan & Liz: 6th April, 2015. Wonderful time -thank you very much. We spent +- 10hours on the river over the course of 2 full days and caught about 50 Rainbows- lots of little guys so the fish are spawning well in the river. 10 good size fish. Thanks again.

Fishing Report: Pieter Snyders from Fly-loops. 

Fishing report dullstroom

Personally I found the venue has a perfect balance between good fishing and comfortable accommodation.
It’s the ideal venue for a couples or family getaway where everyone can just kick back and relax. Although it is self- catering I recommend having your meals at the restaurant to spend all your time relaxing and fly fishing. It is not the most challenging fishing, although the dams and river offer good variety that will keep you busy for hours. The dams and river are well maintained with a good stocking program and you will never be disappointed! I caught 13 ( 4 in the river and 9 in the dam) lost 1kg of trout in the river over a 24 hour period- caught on various flies. 


Guest: Tim Pinder who visited Stonecutters recently sent us the following report on the river.


"I caught 16 real fish in the 2 and a half days, plus one small fish of about 4 inches long, which can only be a fish that has bred in the river - which is good news. Fly used in river and dams: Walker's Killer of various sizes.

I caught all but one in the river and released them all back from where they came. The one I caught in the dam on Monday evening was about half a kilogram and in good condition.

The rest out of the river - 5 were wonderful fish over a kilogram and in great condition, caught on, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, between about 3 and 6. I caught a few in the regular pools where there is fast moving water, but the 3 over a kilogram fish were in the less obvious spots away from the thatched umbrellas and in more inaccessible places where I had to be more accurate and careful of the submerged branches and obstacles. These fish were all in great condition and gave good fights and leapt out of the water and were fun the catch and release.

I hope that gives you some idea of the fishing. I was very well pleased, and tried to release without to much trauma to the fish. I look forward to returning in future."

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