Team Building & Leisure Activities near Dullstroom

Fly-fishing Clinic at Stonecutters Lodge, Dullstroom

Fly-Fishing ClinicAs Stonecutters is a trout lodge offering 2 dams and three kilometres of river fishing, many conference groups choose a fly-fishing clinic as a team event. Under the tuition of an expert the group will be taught casting techniques and some of the basic science of the fascinating world of fly-fishing. A competition can be organized and some great prizes or team gifts relative to this sport can be suggested.


Clay-Pigeon Shooting: 

Team Building at Stonecutters Lodge Dullstroom, LydenburgThis popular event is held on the lawns at Stonecutters and under the supervision of an expert, delegates shoot competitively at flying ‘clays’. A group minimum of 8 delegates is required.

Photo-Chase: A Fun team event while exploring the venue. Delegates are divided into teams. Guide books contain photographs taken around the property: each with a cryptic clue in the form of a four line poem. Working against the clock the teams must then proceed to take photographs identical to those in their respective guide books. Their routes will take them around the lodge property, meandering through scenic river, forest and hill locations.  The team that takes the most photos in the quickest time wins the ‘Shutter Speed’ Award. Other awards will be for ‘The Funniest photo’ ‘Technically the Best’, etc 

                             Photo Chase


Photographic event where the delegates relate back to Company Goals. This exercise ends in a presentation by every delegate and is judged on concept, technical skill and presentation and sticking to time constraints. 


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