Stocking and Management Reports: Dam and River Fishing

Stonecutters Lodge is proud of excellent fly-fishing facilities and for the enjoyment of our fishermen ensure excellent stocking of our dams and river. Reputable hatcheries in the area are used on a regular basis. To supplement the wild trout that are breeding in the river, the river is also well-stocked. Catch and release of uninjured fish is permitted. All fish caught in the river are to be reeased. In order to facilitate our stocking procedures, all catches are to be reported in the fishing catch record book.


Management and stocking of the waters is managed by the owners of the Lodge and is based on various factors:

Seasonal: In the very hot months from December to February no stocking is done unless we have a cool period. Trout are very heat sensitive and even a few degrees of raised temperature will cause the fish to die. Stocking is mainly undertaken between March and November. Stocking of the river is only feasible once the torrential summer rains have abated.                                                                                                                                                    

Fish - 634KB.jpgUsage: Stocking also depends on the number of fly-fisherman using the waters and the catch reports are taken into consideration. Many fisherman release the trout back to the waters- CAR is compulsory in the river unless the fish is injured.  Trout fingerlings are seen in the river and wild trout are caught regularly.

Feeding: The trout feed naturally at Stonecutters. Supplementary feeding (on floating pellets once a week) occurs, when the natural food is scarce and the trout that are caught (although healthy) are long and thin. The supplementary feeding only happens in the winter months.

17/6/2017 Hatchery Marabou: 70 Rainbow Trout weight between 700g-1kg (eggs stripped so are not spawning)

6/4/2017  Hatchery Marabou: 100 Rainbow Trout stocked in the pools in the river

29/3/2017 Hatchery Marabou: 66 Rainbow Trout stocked in Dams, average weight 800gm

(Annual Fish Stocking Budget R25,000)

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