Stocking and Management Reports: Dam and River Fishing

Stonecutters Lodge is proud of excellent fly-fishing facilities and for the enjoyment of our fishermen ensure monthly stocking of our dams. Catch and release of uninjured fish is permitted. All fish caught in the river are to be released. 


Management and stocking of the waters is managed by the owners of the Lodge and is based on various factors:

Seasonal: Stocking is mainly undertaken between March and November.In the very hot months from December to February no stocking is done unless we have a cool period. Trout are very heat sensitive and even a few degrees of raised temperature will cause the fish to die.  Due to minimal rains and low water level in the river, the river is currently not being stocked.The dams are being stocked monthly and fishing is active at most times.

      Fishing clinicDam Fishing at Stonecutters

2020 January Stocked 44  x 600g trout in the dams in an unusually cool and rainy period.

December There was a cold spell for 2 weeks with plenty of rain, so could stock.                        55 Rainbow Trout stocked into the dams weighing +-600 g

November -too hot to stock

October- Heat wave- too hot to stock

September- 18/9/2019: 51 Rainbow Trout weighing 500 g stocked. 

August- 21/08/2019: 33 Rainbow Trout weighing 700 g stocked. 

July- 10/07/2019: 50 Rainbow Trout weighing 1kg stocked. 

Rainbow Trout are stocked by Marabou Trout Hatchery