Fishing Rules

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The Directors of the company will set the fishing rules from time to time. The following are in force at present:

Rod limit: A maximum of 1 rod per bedroom of your accommodation on the water at any one time.
Bag limit: All fish that are not released are to be weighed and paid for. Maximum 1 fish per person per 3-night weekend or 4-night midweek.
Catch & release limit: Per rod - 8 fish per day.
Fishing Hours: From first light till last light
Barbless flies: Must be used at all times. Fish hooked in the gills or gut are deemed damaged. Fish damaged should be killed. If you intend returning fish, haul them in as soon as possible to avoid exhaustion. To facilitate recovery hold them upright facing upstream until they swim off. Do not allow them to remain upside down. Even ‘apparently’ dying fish recover given time. Hands must be wet before and during handling to prevent ‘burning.’ Do not drop fish flat on their sides as they ‘wind’ this way.
Fish Taken: Fish taken R95 per kilogram
Fishing records: Ensure that all fish killed are rand that the separate record sheet is handed in at the office when leaving. This assists in restocking programmes. Fish taken must be paid for at the office on leaving Stonecutters.
Stocking: Fish are stocked by local hatcheries about 4-6 times per annum, depending on weather conditions and the season.
Courtesies: Normal courtesies and etiquette should be observed such as not encroaching on a pool or run if someone is fishing. One may be stalking a fish or have a plan to move in a particular direction- give the fisherman a wide berth.
Tippet: Maximum of tippet of 5 lbs breaking strain is the rule. Slice on the necessary light leader if your tippet becomes too thick or too short.
Equipment hire: Rods with reels and nets at R50 per day (R100 for weekend). A limited range of flies can be purchased at R15 per fly.
Tuition: Clinics can be arranged at an extra cost. R70 per person per hour with a local guide who will teach the basics: casting, releasing fish, flies etc
Children under 16: To be supervised by an adult at all times.

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