IMG_0182(Pictured: Lesley Rush, Lisa Dunn (SA Grading) and Margi Butler on grading day)

Who owns Stonecutters? Two  hardworking ladies, Margi Butler  & Lesley Rush who will ensure you will have a memorable stay at Stonecutters.
Thankfully, we have a hard-working supportive team who assist in housekeeping, kitchen, laundry, office, maintenance and the gardens, lands, river and dams. 

Why Stonecutters? When we bought this 63 hectare Dullstroom country property in 1997 the farm was known as "Cocky Bundu"-the name of a fly-fishing fly. We decided to rename the farm Stonecutters Lodge  as many of the buildings in the  Dullstroom area were built using this natural resource, so a name incorporating the word ‘stone’ seemed appropriate and no, we don’t cut diamonds or any other stone for that matter on the property! 

We were immediately attracted to the property's scenic beauty and the fact it had 3 kms of river and 2 dams swung the deal. The property was really run down and not only the buildings needed major renovation but the river was so overgrown that a TLB was used to remove the wattle trees and clear the riverbed of debris.

How big is the property?    63 hectares, with landscapes of mountains, floodplain, wetland and river. 

Is the water safe to drink? Yes, it’s pumped directly from a borehole. The water is tested on a regular basis and we have been drinking the pure, clear water for many years and still have not rusted! 

What about Malaria? Highly unlikely at this altitude- but if there are Mosquitoes are flying around in summer- and in the evening just use a repellent cream. 

Are pets allowed? No (even though we are animal lovers) only two cats, Pepper & Rocket are allowed. They work as the resident rodent exterminators!

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