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Fly-fishing in the Mpumalanga, close to Dullstroom

Posted by Margi Butler on Jul 6, 2011 8:52:00 PM

Gus Mason is an experienced fly-fisherman who was able to marry his passion for the sport to his ability as a sales training facilitator: His course “Fishing For Business” engendered in many a delegate a newly awakened interest in trout fishing in the Mpumalanga Highlands. Many of these courses were held at Stonecutters Lodge near Dullstroom which offers superb accommodation and boardroom facilities as well as the opportunity to fish in dams and river. The 2 dams  and three kilometers of Dorps River are well stocked and are ideal for fly-fishing clinics. Gus starts off with some background on the history and science of fly-fishing. Did you know for instance that human female pheremones are attractive to trout? When attaching a fly to a line allow a female to handle the fly first! The theory is followed by casting lessons on the  lawns in front of the Stonecutters dams before the inductees are allowed to sink a line.

But river fishing is Gus’s first love and he wrote an article "An Early Rise, a Silent Pool and an Exercise in Patience." The setting is the Dorps River at Stonecutters Lodge and the thrust of his lyrical prose is that the appreciation of fly-fishing is not confined to the number of bites or the weight of the catch: The pleasure of fishing is not measured by the number of fish brought home by the fisherman but is rather the deeper holistic experience of truly connecting with nature and of pitting one's wiles against those of a worthy opponent. So read and enjoy and download his article……you will be pleased you did!

River fishing for Trout, Dullstroom

 "There don't have to be a thousand fish in a river; let me locate a good one and I'll get a thousand dreams out of him before I catch him - and, if I catch him, I'll turn him loose."

~ Jim Derren ~

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