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"Going Beyond" Earth Hour at Stonecutters Lodge, Dullstroom

Posted by Margi Butler on Mar 26, 2011 9:00:00 PM

Earth hour, Dullstroom 

There is no denying that our planet needs our nurturing. Now more than ever we are aware of the effects of global warming and the strain that man has placed on our dwindling resources.

Earth Hour  is an exciting way of creating awareness of these problems and also an awareness that every little effort helps. There is something remarkable about sharing the commonality of our human experience across the globe, the figurative taking of hands in a quest for conservation of our environment. So may you enjoy a candle-lit dinner tonight!

And when we have blown out the candles and switched on the lights, the call is to ‘go beyond the hour’.

Bishop Desmond Tutu has called on citizens of the world to use the moment to commit to one on-going environmental act beyond the hour, something as simple as wearing a jersey instead of switching on the heater.

In this age of instant gratification we are not accustomed to austerity, much less self-imposed measures of denial but this would doubtless be good for the soul as well as the planet!

In the hospitality industry where guest comfort is all important it is doubly hard to initiate a policy of ‘going beyond the hour’ but nevertheless there are measures that can be taken – recycling, switching of geezers when not in use, avoiding the tumble dryer on sunny days, requesting guests to use water conservatively and many other little actions that can all add up to a positive response to the global call by the people for the planet. So switch off your lights and switch on to the meaning of Earth Hour

yes, you!

Stonecutters Lodge near Dullstroom is implementing a          "Go Beyond" action plan to lower our carbon footprint and heed the call to save our planet. 

Earth hour and Stonecutters Lodge

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