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There's more to hunting trout than selecting the fly!

Posted by Margi Butler on Jun 25, 2011 7:20:00 PM

 The following excellent article - 'It's Not About the Fly', by Tim Rolston published in the FOSAF Newsletter is oh! so true. Being the owners of a trout fishing lodge near Dullstroom, offering both river and dam fishing, we are often asked "What fly is working well in your waters"? There is a tremendous amount of skill required when hunting trout, but it is technique and preparation that produce the results. We can say that an 'olive woolly bugger' is working well in our waters, but if the fly is not presented or retrieved in a way that tricks the trout, the beginner angler will see the fish approach and then swim away. Fly fishing tuition DullstroomThe  frustration this causes usually results in frenzied searching through the fly-box while at the same time another more experienced angler will be catching repeatedly on the same 'woolly  bugger'. The reasons for this are so well explained in Tim Rolston's humourous and informative article. If you are an avid flyfisherman whether a beginner or experienced- please read it.


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