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Job creation in Mpumalanga- is everyones responsibility.

Posted by Margi Butler on Nov 23, 2011 8:41:00 PM

stonecutters lodge dullstroom, lydenburg

Stonecutters Lodge between Dullstroom & Lydenburg in Mpumalanga supports the  entrepreneurial projects of the local rural community 

The plight of the rural community close to Stonecutters Lodge is a story that is played out in communities throughout South Africa. A large percentage of the community is jobless and many will never be employed. The lodge plays an active part in uplifting the local disadvantaged community in the rural village of Emshinini on Coromandel Estate. Most of our staff are drawn from this village and we take an active interest in the welfare of our staff both past and present: food hampers are delivered monthly to the homes of our staff and we also contribute to other households whom we know to be in need.

Coromandel primary school, LydenburgWe have a close involvement with the primary school and every year we attend the year-end prize-giving and donate prizes for the children who receive dictionaries, calculators and stationery. Through our efforts Massmart has donated school backpacks filled with stationery, we have sourced a donation of a load of Bibles for the church and we have collected clothes to be handed out to the needy. But jobs, rather than hand-outs remain the priority and the encouragement of entrepreneurial skills is paramount. When sourcing new uniforms for our female staff last month, we were thrilled to learn of a competent seamstress in Emshinini.

Stonecutters Lodge staff Dullstroom, Lydenburg   use local south african suppliers   buy local south african products

Using last year’s caftan blouse as a pattern, Flora made 10 beautiful tops out of the African themed local print we had bought. She has a good sewing machine and an overlocker and produced a most professional product at the same rate that we would have paid locally in Lydenburg.

In the same vein, some time ago we realized that Mathayi Mgiba who lives on the hillside opposite Stonecutters has some wood-carving skills. We nurtured his talent , buying him materials and books on bead work and wirework.

We regularly supply him with our recycled beverage cans and bottle tops which he transforms into geckos, job creation in Mpumalanga, South Africawire pictures and other items!He has been producing and selling for some years now and we are hoping that the new Workshop Gallery we are launching at Stonecutters will give Mathayi an additional outlet. This gallery had its birth in an artgroup which we have formed with like-minded amateur artists in our area. We meet on a weekly basis and this new creative space is a studio and gallery: we will be participating in the Art Meander which forms part of the Dullstroom Art Festival which takes place from the 16-18 December.

Stonecutters Lodge is a Proudly South African Company and as such is only too pleased to support the local rural community as we are among the few who have taken an interest in the plight of these villagers and we have a close connection with their daily struggles. It is so easy to purchase from a cheaper, overseas source but next time your business needs something -look around for the local option which impacts job creation in South Africa positively!

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Proudly South African members contribute to nation- building

Posted by Margi Butler on Jul 4, 2011 5:15:00 PM

Proudly South African is the “buy local” campaign launched in 2001 by government, organised business, organised labour and community organisations (the constituencies represented in the National Economic Development and Labour Council – Nedlac) to boost job creation and pride in “local” by promoting South African companies and their ‘homegrown’ products and services.

Buying South African stimulates an increased demand for locally-produced products and services. This translates into the safeguarding of existing employment opportunities, economic growth, and the creation of more quality employment opportunities in our country.

Stonecutters Lodge is proudly South African

By buying Proudly South African, both consumers and businesses are making a personal contribution to nation-building. Consumers get an assurance of quality because only quality products carry the Proudly South African mark, while members of the Campaign are furthermore committed to an uplifting ethos and socially responsible business practices which are reflected in the membership criteria. In this manner the Campaign represents and stimulates the creation of a virtuous circle which benefits all.

 Stonecutters Lodge is pleased to announce that we are part of the Proudly South African “community”. There are strict criteria governing membership to the body, and all members share a commitment to an uplifting ethos that promotes social and economic change and progress. We strive to make a meaningful contribution to building South Africa's economy, alleviating unemployment and retaining existing employment opportunities.

Members are acknowledged for their quality products and services, identified through the Proudly South African logo – an internationally recognized signifier of a proud and dignified country-of-origin brand. We at Stonecutters Lodge are proud to bear the logo and wave the flag! For more information please click on the following link:

Support Proudly South African Companies- Buy LOCAL

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