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What’s happening at Stonecutters Lodge and Dullstoom this July!

Posted by Margi Butler on Jul 8, 2011 2:26:00 PM

Winter has set in here in the Eastern Highlands. The biting cold of a Dullstroom winter heralds the donning of fleecy jackets, wooly beanies and thick socks. Log fires are burning and the port decanter is being passed around as the shortest day of the year rolled past.

Stonecutters lodge, dullstroom

This is high season for fly-fishing. The water temperature ensures avid feeding by trout keen to put on winter weight and a well-presented fly is sure to attract a bite both in the dams and the river. The gin-clear waters of winter make it essential that a fisherman employs all the wiles he possesses to lure a wary fish, the very essence of the sport. Round about now spawning season occurs for about three weeks and sexually mature fish are more interested in the timeless courtship dance than in taking a fly, but flies imitating egg patterns may have success. Also a flash of red in a fly may result in a strike purely out of aggression rather than any notion of feeding. Here at Stonecutters we have supplemented our stocking with some sexually immature fish and these are providing good sport at present, both in the dams and the river.  While fly selection is an important element of trout fishing it is not the only criteria – this is the theme of an article we have inserted at the end of the newsletter; written with humour, this excellent article by Tim Robson-

Its Not About the Fly- which is well worth reading.

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We are proud to announce that Dullstroom has won “Town of the Year” in Mpumalanga and will now go forward to South Africa town of the year finals. We are holding thumbs!

The Dullstroom Game Fair is an annual event hosting many stalls of interest to lovers of the outdoors and a country way of life. This will be held on the last weekend of July (30th and 31st ) and promises to be a very successful event.

There is also a long week-end in August (Check-in on the 5th check out the 9th) 4 nights if you take Monday off. There is still some accommodation available at Stonecutters but it is going fast-so book soon and you won’t be disappointed.

We run weekly empty bed SPECIALS with massive discounts off our normal accommodation rates- (Check the last minute deals every Thursday on our homepage) For those of you who have a sudden desire to escape the rat race for this week-end, remember that Stonecutters should be your first port of call! At present we are in the icy clutches of winter, the very best time to visit Dullstroom. 

So call Lesley at Reservations for a well-deserved break at the best 4-Star destination in the Dullstroom area, Stonecutters Lodge!

Office: 013 235 4225 or 013 235 8921; Cellular: 083 375 0132

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Holiday News & Deals- Stonecutters Lodge, Dullstroom.

Posted by Margi Butler on Dec 9, 2010 4:40:00 PM

The Paradise Fly-catchers are back! Every year these magnificent birds pay an all too short visit to Stonecutters Lodge. They arrive in early November and leave after Christmas, just long enough to nest and provide us with sightings of the superb male with his long golden tail. The gardens are looking magnificent too – this is a very special time of year here!

The heat of summer has not yet warmed our dams and fishing Stonecutters Lodge, Dullstroom fly fishingremains excellent at present, both in the dams and the river. The gin-clear waters of winter have given way to a rain-clouded environment which makes it harder for the fish to see the fisherman. The summer rains will eventually muddy the waters further so now is a great time to fish here –  Mrs. Simpson and Walker's Killer are proving irresistible! (Re-Stocked 100 trout in river & dam on Monday 6th December)

 The long week-end in December (16-19) is the annual Dullstroom Arts Festival. The village will showcase its best in all forms of Art, both in the shops and on the Cricket Oval which will become an entertainment centre for the display of local talent in separate stalls -  painting, sculpture, pottery, music and culinary arts. For the kiddies there will be pony rides, face-painting and craft sessions as well as prizes galore!

During the festival, restaurants will offer sumptuous dishes complimented by wine tastings from a variety of estates and musicians will offer live entertainment.

Stonecutters still has accommodation available for this Art Week-End.

Book now and enter into a draw for a complimentary whisky tasting at "Wild about Whisky" in Dullstroom!

 Another innovation is a new Special Offer available from our Reservations office:

Last Minute Empty Bed Discounts: Any two night week-end booking made from NOON on Thursdays will be entitled to a 30% discount. This offer plus other offers & competitions will be published on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis.

(Offers exclude long week-ends and are subject to availability)

But for those of you, who on a Thursday have a sudden desire to escape the rat race for the week-end, remember that for last minute luxury Stonecutters should be your first port of call!

Christmas at Stonecutters Lodge, Dullstroom

If you still have not made arrangements for Christmas this year, we are putting on a sumptuous lunch buffet for our guests on Xmas day with Ham, Turkey and all the trimmings. Trout House and Stone Cottage are available from the 22nd to the 26th and some Cobbles studios too.

So why not catch your own bit of Paradise – call Lesley at Reservations and book a well-deserved break at Stonecutters Lodge in Dullstroom!

Tel: 013 235 4225 or 083 375 0132

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