Fly-Fishing for Rainbow trout near Dullstroom. 3kms of meandering Dorp's River and 2 stillwater dams.

The Dorps River, trout fishing dullstroom

TROUT FISHING: The Stonecutter’s waters (two dams and 3 km of Dorp's river) are fully managed and this, coupled with a generous restocking programme, ensures excellent rainbow trout fishing. The Dorp's River, one of the head tributaries of the Olifants River, is a perennial stream offering a different fly-fishing experience around every bend. Large deep pools and free-flowing sections with rapids entice the most avid fly-fisherman. Wild trout breed in the river and the trout feed naturally. The pathway around the river is mowed and at strategic spots on the riverbank brushcutting makes access to the waters a possibility! The river walk is beautiful and for birdwatchers there is always something to spot!

FOSAF Dullstroom Fly-FishingStonecutters is a member of FOSAF and complies with their code of conduct and ethics which means a great fly-fishing experience for the beginner or seasoned, experienced fly-fisherman.